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Why Caltherm

The Heat Transfer Fluid Expert

Whatever your plant or industry, you will find the right heat transfer fluid in the Caltherm range. From the most conventional to the most technological, our products fit to your system and existing fluids in a very wide temperature range (from -100°C to 400°C).

The complementary profiles of our chemical and process experts and their careful attention to your needs enable you to build personalized and innovative solutions.

From analysis to diagnosis in complete impartiality (external supplier) to implementation, we provide solutions that meet your technical, regulatory, logistical and performance requirements.

Since our ambition is to bring you a daily security, we make every effort to provide you optimum support throughout your project.

Caltherm key values

Holistic vision

Our expertise is based on an excellent technical, regulation background and a significant experience on the various field . From this expertise, we are able to offer an objective and specific solution for your project.

High performances

With high quality products and a wide products range, Caltherm is always able to offer a personalized solution.

Personalized support

With regular visits on site and detailed diagnostics, we support you for the right HTF choice, for the process improvement and for your team learning.