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R&D / Innovation

Caltherm's challenge is to develop its product line with innovative thermal fluids that can be handled safely and non-toxic, while ensuring performance and cost control.

We are also integrating the eco-responsible dimension by using green chemistry to design new plant-based and easily biodegradable products which will be able to replace mineral base oils in specific temperature ranges.

We are always ready to listen to expand our range, which is already very rich. We are aware of your constraints generated by technological evolutions and the race for performance. Our customers are a key driver for innovation! 

Our technical expertise combined with our knowledge of your installation specificities related to your industry ensures you an accurate and adapted response to your needs. We can design "customized" fluids in terms of viscosity, flash point, operating temperature and pressure. 

Entrust us with your project, no matter how bold, we will be up to the task.