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We use our knowledge on the HTF and our expertise on the industrial production units, we include your needs in term of facilities structures, investments and logistic requirements in order to provide the most appropriated solution for your project.

Our experts with you on site 

A technical experts team to support your projects and provide you the best heat transfer fluid matching with your exigencies: safety, performances and sustainability. A indepth study of your manufacturing process, your environmental requirement and HSE needs are the backbone of our proposals. 
In each country, Caldic’s technical sellers are the relay of this expertise.

Your financial point of view

A clear and precise foresight of your investments is one of the key successes of your project. Our expertise in your industry supports you at each step to optimize and plan your costs.
For a perfect control of your installation, our goal is to present you in a precise and transparent way our short- and long-term services.

Our packagings meet your needs  

You are unique. Your needs are specific. That’s why we adjust our packaging (tanker, bulk, IBCs, drums and cans) and our delivery conditions to your requirements.