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Analysis Kit

The Caldic team are firstly technical experts. The role as advisors is extremely important to us. After a targeted diagnosis, thanks to a several analyses, we offer a check-up of your heat transfer fluid in order to determine the best strategy for the maintenance of your installation.

How does it work?

Nothing could be simpler! The sending of the kit is subjected to the prior acceptation of a personalized quotation. You order an analysis kit which will be used to collect the necessary quantity of a representative fluids and you send the sample to Caldic. We outsource the testing and we proceed to a study and explanation of the results. A customized feedback on fluids and recommended actions are provided to ensure optimal operations for your maintenance.

Why using an external lab?

We set up a sub contract with an external laboratory which ensures that all the services are compliant with national and international regulations and standards. This decision guarantees the independence and neutrality concerning the results.

What is the timeframe?

After receiving your sample, we will provide a feedback within 2 weeks. 


Order an analysis kit

If you would like to order an analysis kit for you application, please contact us via this form.

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