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Applications overview

Offer an efficient cleaning and a new start to your installation with Caltherm Clean

Heat transfer fluid systems are fundamental production components. Even the slightest degradation of the fluid in service can lead to a drop in efficiency and productivity or a real risk for the operation and operators. Unplanned shutdown, an accidental air intake or contamination are unfortunate incidents that drastically affect the fluid quality. Carbon deposits, by-product from oxidation, metal erosion or increase in viscosity can have a direct impact on heat transfer fluids quality. This pollution requires system-specific cleaning and effective rinsing. At the same time, other maintenance operations can be carried out safely, thus reducing production lost time.

Caltherm offers cleaning solutions adapted to each of your situations. After draining your used oil, we recommend that you carry out a complete circulation of our cleaning product before filling your system with a new heat transfer fluid. 

Our cleaning products are compatible and miscible with most thermal fluids on the market. A proper restart will ensure optimal useage and extend the durability of your installation regardless of the oil used previously in the system.

Our experts will recommend you the cleaner that best meets the requirements of your own system and your expectations of maintenance optimization and risk management (flash point, toxicity).

Our products

Caltherm Clean 77

Products designed to clean system using anhydrous and silicon fluids, non-toxic and safe.

  • Nature 
  • Properties 
  • Mixture of silicon
  • Ininflammable / Easy to use/ Low viscosity
  • Use
  • Suitable to rinse the installation

Caltherm Clean DRS

Multi-purposed products for all types of systems to clean clogged and very dirty pipes, non- toxic and safe.

  • Nature
  • Properties
  • Mixture of esters
  • High flash point / Easy to use / Low viscosity 
  • Use
  • Suitable with all heat transfert fluids

Caltherm Clean Net

Economical product to clean all type of system

  • Nature
  • Properties
  • Mixture of solvent
  • Inflammable 
  • Use
  • Suitable only at room temperature, cost efficient

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